Girls Varsity Volleyball Beach · OC Beach Ends Season falling to Millennium 1-4

4 Millennium High School
1 Sandra Day O'Connor High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Millennium High School vs Sandra Day O'Connor High School
4 1
1 2   1
2 -   2
3 2   1
4 2   1
5 2   1

OC Beach and Millenium Beach have great class as they are truly a character of what teams should be against opponents and represent with good sportsmanship, leadership, and support. It was a competitive match but at the end one team had to lose, one team had to win.

OC Beach fell to Millennium in quarterfinals of State 1-4. The match was very competitive all levels playing all matches in three sets except for OC’s undefeated 2 seed that dominated in two sets.

Flight 4 and 5 seed both started with their first set loss. Both flights came back strong and won the second set to head into the third set. Flight 4 had a strong lead but Millennium came back and won the match to give them 1-0 lead. Flight 5 seed was point for point but slowly Millennium took the match giving them 2-0 lead.

It had to come down to the last three flights for OC to take the win. Flight 2 came out strong and dominated their match in two sets and gave OC their first win with 1-2 score. Flight 3 was looking just as strong by winning their first set 21-17. The match shifted to Millenniums favor and took the second and third set to give Millennium the win to advance to semi-finals for state.

Last flight of the night of the top seeds was another competitive match that was lead by OC in the first set 21-16. But the scores flipped identical to Millennium in the second set and took control of the third set to give Millennium 4-1 victory.

It was not the way OC Beach wanted to end the season but the season was fulfilled with great growth of skills, teamwork, and character. In the four years of the program, OC has finished two years in top 8 in the state , 2 undefeated regular seasons, 2 semi-finals finish, 7 – Division 1 Beach committed athletes, ranked top 4 in the state all four years.

1. Cook/Garrett losses to Millennium 21-16, 16-21, 8-15
2. Broadway/Pope def Millennium 21-15, 21-9
3. Fuller/Trapp losses to Millennium 21-17, 15-21, 7-15
4. Martin/Smith losses to Millennium 18-21, 21-18, 12-15
5. Pacione/Doyle losses to Millennium 16-21, 22-20, 10-15